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   TACOREY, 2500

State: Texas

Meet a little fireball named Tacorey, who is very active and full-of-life! He loves to go to the park to chase rabbits and play. He likes everything about going to the park, especially when he is able to run and swing. Tacorey has an interest in sports, particularly baseball, and has acquired an interest in basketball and football. You will find him very happy when he is able to be outdoors and is involved in activities like swimming, bike riding, and skateboarding. Tacorey likes some children's programs on TV and has recently shown interest in comic books. Tacorey has an older brother who is not part of this adoption. He is very attached to him and would like to be able to maintain contact with him. Tacorey will benefit from a family who is actively involved in his education. He needs a patient, understanding family willing to learn skills that are effective in helping him finish assigned tasks. His family will encourage his involvement in activities that allow him to run and play frequently, particularly outside because this seems very beneficial to him and improves his mood. https://www.dfps.state.tx.us/Application/TARE/Child.aspx/Profile/76421
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