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   JAMEL, 2423

Birth Date: August, 2003
State: Texas

Jamel is a happy child. Jamel's foster parents find him to be a joy! When he's upset, he will let his caregivers know. Jamel is an adorable youth! When he shows excitement, you feel warmth in your heart.

Jamel is diagnosed with several medical conditions, including hydrocephalus, diabetes insipidus, and asthma. He receives breathing treatments for asthma. He also sees an orthopedic doctor for barrel chest, due to sclerosis, and wears orthotics on his wrist, elbow, and back.

Jamel was born with a damaged brain stem and is considered extremely medically fragile. He requires total care. He is very susceptible to illness and relies on a G-tube for feedings and a G-button for medications.

Although Jamel is non-verbal and blind, he is able to recognize familiar voices he hears often and may react when he hears them. Due to his medical needs, Jamel is home schooled and is read to one time a week for 30 minutes.

Jamel needs a forever family with the ability and education to continue his current level of care and meet all of his medical requirements. He needs a family who will help him experience the world outside his wheelchair. It is necessary that Jamel's family advocate for all of his needs and conscientiously regulate and administer his medications and medical treatments.

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