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   KELONY, 2454

Birth Date: April, 2000
State: Texas

Kelony is a happy child with a good sense of humor. Her caregivers describe her as a very affectionate child with a warm and inviting personality. Kelony is very interested in playing games and putting puzzles together. She also enjoys playing on the computer and spending time with her peers. Kelony has recently begun riding horses and really enjoys this activity.

Kelony interacts appropriately with peers and adults at school. She respects authority and is cooperative. Kelony enjoys learning and wants to do well in school. Kelony has a smile that can light up any room. She is well mannered and tries hard in the things she does. She makes friends easily and plays well with peers.

Kelony will thrive in a home with a strong mother who can provide her with consistent structure. She prefers to be with a single mother. Kelony will do well with a mother who is firm, yet loving. She would like an active family who goes out and enjoys doing things together. Kelony's parent will be patient, nurturing, and caring. Kelony is open to living in the city or the country.

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