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Birth Date: September, 1999
State: Texas

Chris is an adorable young man with a country "twang" that will melt your heart.

He is very interested in building and construction. He loves to visit Home Depot for building supplies. He has even participated in age appropriate activities at Home Depot and has built several items, such as a storage box and a bird house.

Chris is diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder. He really enjoys horseback riding with other children with special needs.

Chris loves country music. More than anything in the world, he dreams of going to Disneyworld. He has maps of Disneyworld and would love to help plan a special Disney vacation.

Chris will benefit from a family who has experience caring for children with autism. His family will be patient and willing to work with him while he transitions into his new home.

Chris struggles with new situations and transitions and will need a lot of contact with his new family prior to adoption. The best option for Chris will be a family that lives in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area where he will be able to remain close to his providers and his community. Change can be a difficult situation for Chris and the more time he has to adjust to new people and places, the easier his transition will be.

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