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   ALEX, 2488

State: Texas

Alex is a curious child who is very inquisitive about life and interested in learning new things. He is quiet natured, but is not shy when it comes to asking questions. He thrives for attention from caregivers and wants to be nurtured and accepted. Alex is an active child who likes to play football. He is also in the band and likes doing arts and crafts. He also enjoys watching movies and listening to music. Alex's favorite foods are spaghetti, pizza, and hamburgers. His favorite classes in school are band, shop, and English. Alex is reserved when it comes to relationships and needs to feel comfortable with a family. He loves to play video games and has a competitive spirit, but doesn't like to lose. He is affectionate and has a good sense of humor. If Alex had three wishes, they would be to get adopted, own a play station, and have a family. Alex needs a family who is patient and able to give him the attention he needs. The family needs to be supportive of maintaining a relationship with his sibling, who is not part of this adoption. Alex feels a sense of protection for his sibling, even though he is older than Alex. The family also needs to understand that it will take some time for Alex to adjust and trust them. https://www.dfps.state.tx.us/Application/TARE/Child.aspx/Profile/76042
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