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   JOHNATHON, 2496

Birth Date: August, 2001
State: Texas

Johnathon is a sweet child who responds well to positive attention. He usually has a smile on his face when he hears people talking in a positive manner.

Johnathon is diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder. He is able to meet the challenges he faces every day with a safe environment that offers him structure and routine, with surroundings and activities that allow him opportunities to engage his potential to learn new things.

The ideal family for Johnathon will be patient, understanding, and willing to give him all the time he needs to adjust. They will allow Johnathon to learn to trust them at his own pace and guide him safely along. The family will be skilled at giving him structure and routine that is loving, but firm and consistent. Johnathon's new family will be committed to devoting a lot of time to find out his interests and help him learn new things. Johnathon longs to be in a family who will love him and show him affection.

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