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   COLLIN, 3014

Birth Date: March, 2000
State: Florida

Collin is a talented guitarist who wishes to remain in his home state of Florida and enjoys country-style living. He writes his own music and puts on great impromptu performances for his friends.

When hes not practicing on his guitar, Collin can often be found in the wood shop making furniture like a rocking chair. He enjoys making things with his hands.

Hes a very outgoing kid. Hes quick to open up and would be glad to teach you about music and or how to make a chair.

Collin desires to go to trade school and hopes with the help of his adoptive parents, they will advocate for his educational success. Collin will certainly be an exceptional student.

With love, structure and support, Collin will be a wonderful son wholl bring laughter and music to your family. He seeks parents who will be great role models, as he starts to plan his future.
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