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   MARIAH, 2351

Birth Date: September, 2001
State: Texas

Mariah is a very social and outgoing youth. She loves to attend social activities and interact with her friends. Mariah enjoys swimming, listening to music, and playing games. She is somewhat competitive when playing games with her peers.

Mariah enjoys spending time outdoors and relaxing with friends. She has an interest in fashion and design, and loves to shop for clothes. Mariah maintains a neat room and does well academically in school. She assists when it comes to doing chores inside the home.

Mariah has a positive, bubbly personality, and hopes to be adopted. . Mariah wants a family who is active and willing to support her in her interests and extracurricular activities. Mariah is a sweet young lady who will greatly benefit from an adoptive placement with a supportive, nurturing, and encouraging family that is active and willing to provide her with a safe and secure home environment.

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