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   CHRISTIAN, 2420

Birth Date: May, 1999
State: Texas

Christian is a very loving and energetic young man. He has a great sense of humor and enjoys being the center of attention. Christian enjoys spending time with his friends and gets along well with his peers. Christian has a good appetite and loves going out to eat Italian food, especially spaghetti and pizza. Educational services are provided in an on-campus setting. His favorite subjects are art and reading. Christian has been trying hard to maintain his grades and complete his homework assignments. Christian is working on acknowledging authority, insight into age appropriate behaviors, and respect for boundaries. Christian likes attention and can get attention through both positive and negative behaviors. Christian states that he would love his family to be fun-loving and active. He wants a family who will spend time with him and will be supportive of his wish to play sports. Christian needs a family who is structured and consistent. The family will need to be an advocate for Christian. The ideal family will have knowledge and experience in parenting children with behavioral issues. Christian needs a committed and patient home.

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