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   JUAN, 2436

Birth Date: July, 2000
State: Texas

Juan enjoys playing sports and being active. His favorite sports are basketball and football. He wants to play football and learn martial arts eventually.

Juan is pleasant and happy and smiles often. He likes to joke around and have fun. Juan is a good-hearted and caring youth. He wants to be connected to people and feel a sense of belonging.

He prides himself in having a strong sense of fairness. Juan advocates for himself and can be passionate in his delivery. This strong sense of fairness can make his thought process a little rigid, but he is maturing to be more well-rounded.

Juan has a lot of great qualities and he is continuing to work on developing them. Juan will do best with a patient and understanding family. He will thrive with a family that understands how to strengthen a child's self-esteem, while enforcing redirection. Juan's forever family needs to understand structure and age appropriate discipline. He will benefit from a family that will encourage and guide him with his positive goals to help him be successful.

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