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   MARIO, 2438

Birth Date: May, 2001
State: Texas

Mario has a kind and caring personality. He is a very respectful and polite youth who is well-mannered.

When Mario is outside, he enjoys playing soccer, basketball, football, or just running and playing. When he is indoors, he enjoys playing computer or video games. His favorite movies are "Superman: Man of Steel," "Clash of the Titans,", and "Batman".

Mario would like to one day visit Amazing Jump and Disney World. He would also like to travel someday. His favorite foods are pizza, enchiladas, and waffles.

Mario is currently working on his communication skills with others. He is generally easily redirected when necessary. Mario's favorite classes at school are choir, science, and math.

Mario will bond easily with a cherishing and supportive family. Mario needs a family who is structured and firm while loving and nurturing. He needs a family who is willing to commit to him and be able to meet his needs. He would like a family who is active and able to travel.

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