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   ROBERT, 2450

Birth Date: August, 1999
State: Texas

Robert is an affectionate and loving youth with a personality that is outgoing, humorous, and youthful. He is a typical boy who enjoys playing video games, watching TV, being outdoors, and socializing with friends. Robert is a social butterfly; he is able to make friends wherever he goes.

Robert loves to cook, and one of his goals is to one day get into a culinary school of arts. He also enjoys singing and has expressed interest with working in the music & entertainment business.

Robert is loving, caring, and kind. He will benefit from a family who will provide him with structure, consistency, and patience. He will thrive with a family that will allow him to build trust at his own pace. His family will provide constant affection and show him love and support. Robert's family must be willing to work with the appropriate resources to provide supportive services and ensure his needs are met. He will thrive with a loving family who will provide a safe and nurturing environment. He needs a family that will motivate him to do his best in school and assist him with improving academically.

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