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   HEIDI, 2491

Birth Date: April, 2000
State: Texas

At first glance, Heidi appears to be a very quiet and shy youth. Once you get to know her, she is very outgoing and full of life!

She has a great fashion sense that is both feminine and athletic. Heidi is very creative and loves doing crafts. She likes to make projects such as duct tape flowers for her friends. Her true passion, though, is being outdoors, whether itís biking, riding a scooter, swimming, or caring for and playing with animals. She especially loves big dogs and horses.

Heidiís forever family will be patient and enjoy getting to know her at her pace, reveling in each new layer she shares. A family who likes to be active, especially outdoors and with animals, will share this interest with Heidi. Experience with the school system is beneficial, but willingness is even better!

Parents who are career role models are important. Heidi needs help to find her own way to use her talents and skills. Parents that "took the road less traveledĒ may be open and understanding of Heidi's desire to do the same.

Heidi wants to feel part of a family and that she is wanted. A family who likes to do some activities together, but also has solo pursuits would mirror Heidi's personality well.

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