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   JOSHUA, 2495

Birth Date: September, 1999
State: Texas

Joshua is a friendly and talkative youth who can strike up a conversation with just about anyone. He is very caring and is always eager to help others.

He has many interests that include dancing, singing and caring for animals. Joshua loves horses and loves to ride them. He is fascinated by farm/ranch animals and likes to ride his bike and go on adventurous hikes. He also loves all things Michael Jackson!

Joshua is diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder and learns at a slower rate than others his age, thus has some difficulties in school. He does very well with routine and short, repetitive instructions. Joshua takes time to adjust to new situations and can be timid when introduced to something or someone new.

Joshua needs a strong family who will remain by his side through adulthood. This family will need to be familiar with autism spectrum disorder and be able to provide Joshua with the resources to assist him in succeeding. A highly structured family who follows a simple, daily routine will be best for Joshua. This family will also need to be very loving, caring and nurturing and provide Joshua with a stable home environment. Joshua will do best in a small family setting.

Joshua has an uncle with whom he remains close. He would like a family who will continue and be supportive of keeping that contact.

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