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   RAKIEM, 3021

Birth Date: July, 2005
State: North Carolina

Rakiem is a handsome young man is described by others as sweet, charming, and clever. He is athletic and enjoys such sports as baseball, soccer, swimming, and football. He likes taking trips to the beach, playing video games, watching cartoons, and listening to various genres of music such as rap, pop, and hip hop.

With all his activities, Rakiem builds up an appetite. His favorites include pizza and cheese burgers.

In school, Rakiem enjoys reading and his physical education classes. He has expressed his desire to join the military, specifically the Army, once he completes high school.

Rakiem does not have a preference when it comes to family composition. He is simply wants a family to be his forever family. The ideal family for Rakiem will love him unconditionally. If you feel you can be this for him, please inquire about Rakiem.
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