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Chanterica, Shaylon
State: Texas

Shaylon and her sister Chanterica are very delightful children. They are close siblings and they love and care for each other.

Chanterica and Shaylon are very engaging and have wonderful personalities. They enjoy both indoor and outdoor activities which include watching their favorite movies and participating in church activities. They are the type of children who win the admiration of anyone around them.

Chanterica is quiet, well-mannered, and soft spoken. She likes to read and draw. Shaylon is energetic and likes to talk. She develops rapport with others easily.

Chanterica and Shaylon would like to be adopted together. They will do well in a single or two-parent home that will provide them with a safe, structured, secure, nurturing and permanent home and also provide them with a sense of belonging. Prospective adoptive parents will fall in love with them if given the opportunity to interact with them.

Birthdates: Chanterica June, 2000, Shaylon September, 2004

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