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   ROQUE, TOMAS, 2284

Roque, Tomas
State: Texas

Roque and Tomas are definitely bonded and want to be adopted together. Roque loves to look out for his little brother but is also very competitive with him at times. While they share a lot of interests, they are starting to embrace their differences. They are both very intelligent but Roque is definitely more into academics while Tomas is more into sports. They get along well and can always find some middle ground and activities to do together. Roque has passed his love of origami on to his brother and is always willing to step up and help Tomas with his characters if necessary. Roque and Tomas need a family who will help them explore activities suited for each of their interests and get them involved as much as possible. The boys definitely need an active family who will keep them as busy as possible. Roque and Tomas also have two older sisters who they adore. Any family who is interested in the boys will need to be willing to maintain contact with their sisters.

Birthdates: Roque November, 2004, Tomas June, 2006

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