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   ADAM, ANDREW, 2289

Adam, Andrew
State: Texas

Meet Andrew and Adam, two brothers full of adventure and potential for greatness! Andrew and Adam are looking for a forever family who can offer them the commitment of a lifetime and all the care and love to go with it. They are full of hope as they anticipate what is just around every corner and every turn life gives.

Both boys are athletic and enjoy sports. They love to share laughs and jokes with their peers. They are always up for a new challenge and giving it their best shot.

Andrew and Adam are looking forward to family who will pick a date and take them out to the local hibachi grill and then to football or basketball game. They would like to be on sports teams themselves and hope to have a family who will give them that opportunity.

Andrew is outgoing and respectful to others. He enjoys spending time with his peers and being outside. He is also very athletic and especially enjoys playing basketball. Andrew is a hard worker and enjoys earning his own money.

Adam is a bit shy at first, but he warms up to people quickly. At times he is easily distracted and tends to be impatient. Adam is athletic and loves playing sports.

This dynamic duo will bring many glorious adventures and incredible memories to the family that welcomes them into their lives.

Birthdates: Adam August, 2000, Andrew August, 2001

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