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   ISAIAH, CHLOE, 2307

Isaiah, Chloe
State: Texas

Isaiah and Chloe are very close to each other. They really enjoy each other's company and play well together. They are very talkative and outgoing children.

Isaiah and Chloe would love to have a pet, as they really enjoy animals. They enjoy going to church and participating in church youth group. They also enjoy going to school and participating in the different activities.

Isaiah likes being silly and making his sister laugh. Chloe loves laughing at Isaiah's jokes. Isaiah enjoys playing football and Chloe enjoys cheerleading.

Isaiah and Chloe need a family that is very structured and consistent. They will do best with a family who is active. Isaiah and Chloe need a family who will stick with them and show them that love is not temporary. They need boundaries, clear expectations, and lots of love. Isaiah and Chloe would love a family with animals!

Birthdates: Isaiah September, 2006, Chloe September, 2007

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