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Yasmin, Keyla, Cristina
State: Texas

Keyla, Yazmin, and Cristina all are very sweet, caring, and charming girls. All three girls enjoy going out on family events such as the park, Chuck E Cheese, and camping.

Keyla has a competitive nature as she enjoys being number one at everything. Yazmin is described as the peaceful one who prefers to be by herself and read a good book and finally, Cristina is the "baby" of the sibling group, but don't let that fool you as she is witty, intelligent with a sense of humor. Yazmin, Keyla and Cristina all get along well as they love each other very much.

Yazmin, Keyla and Cristina need a family who is consistent and structured, a family that will offer unconditional support, guidance, and supervision.

Birthdates: Yasmin February, 2005, Keyla October, 2008,
Cristina December, 2009

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