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Desiree, Matthew
State: Texas

Desiree and Matthew are very active youth who enjoy participating in recreational activities. They like listening to music and bonding over past childhood memories that were positive in their lives. They also enjoy socializing with other children their age. Desiree and Matthew are extremely close, which is evident by how they treat each other.

Desiree is a sweet youth who enjoys singing and writing songs. Matthew is ambitious and likes to play basketball.

Desiree and Matthew enjoy each other's company. They like to laugh and joke with each other and always want the best for each other.

Desiree and Matthew have a desire to be adopted together. They need a family that demonstrates an endless amount of compassion, empathy, love, and affection. They need a nurturing family who understands their needs.

Birthdates: Desiree July, 1999, Matthew January, 2001

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