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   MICHAEL, 2196

Birth Date: July, 1999
State: New York

Michael is a sweet, soft-spoken young man who has been described as “intelligent with a large vocabulary and a friendly personality.” He has a big heart and is concerned about others, especially animals, which is why he decided to become a vegan (he does not eat any meat or animal by-products). His favorite subjects in school are math and art. He considers himself an "indoor person." He is open to all families and thinks it would be nice to have 1 or 2 siblings. He is very proud to have earned a place on the leadership team at his group home. In his free time, Mike likes cooking, drawing, listening to heavy metal music, watching movies, playing video games and hanging out with people to whom he is connected. Mike does exceptionally well in school; he cares about people and strives to do well academically and socially.
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