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Meet some of the people who've made adoption a part of their lives and familes... 

Meet the Arrow Family


About their adoption, the Arrow family says, "We cannot imagine our life without Rieanne in it.  It has been a true privilege to watch her grow into a beautiful young woman. The gift of this adoption is reciprocal.  People say what a wonderful thing it is for us to provide her a family and home but the gift she brings to our family is priceless." Read their story here.






Meet the Robinson Family

For Laurie Robinson, adopting her son Danny, when he was 10-years-old, forever changed the way she looked at the world. Read their story here.





 Meet the Lowery Family

Adoption Inspires Helpfulness and Commitment in a Family of 23 Birth and Adopted Children.

Adoptive mom Claudette Lowery, who has helped raise 23 children, says the greatest reward is hearing her children say, ‘because you loved and believed in me, I made it’. Read their story here. 




Meet the Burgos-Reynell Family

“If there is room in your heart, there is room in your home.” Matt Reynell and Jaime Burgos have truly put this motto into practice. They have provided a forever home to waiting brothers, James and Steven, continue to open their home to children in need and spend countless hours volunteering at Children Awaiting Parents to find homes for others who continue to wait. Read their story here. 



Meet the Carson-Ladd Family

Jesse’s persistent hope for a family, despite six painful years of waiting, was fulfilled when the Carson-Ladds committed to provide a home to an older child who greatly needed their love and support.

 Jesse was listed with Children Awaiting Parents (CAP) and enrolled in the Wendy’s Wonderful Kids (WWK) program where he received individualized adoption preparation and family recruitment through a supportive relationship with his WWK Recruiter. Jesse is a very affectionate child, who longed for a family to love him. Finally, when Jesse was 11 years old, PJ and Rich Carson-Ladd were accepted as an adoptive match and introduced through a local match event. They finalized their adoption in the spring of 2014. Read more here.


 Meet the Black Family

While employed with Children Awaiting Parents (CAP) I learned a lot about the children in foster care and the need for more adoptive parents. It broke my heart and I was determined to find forever families for children whose life experiences were far more challenging than anything I could ever imagine. I remember feeling like I wasn’t doing enough. I wanted to make more of a difference. I started mentoring foster children, but still felt like it wasn’t enough. It was during that time that I realized that my heart was wide open and that I could love someone else’s child as unconditionally as my own.

Already a single mother of one child we started our journey to grow our family. Seven years ago, with the help of Children Awaiting Parents,  I was able to identify my first son that I adopted, a child with a strong desire to be accepted and loved.  He was 6 years old and had been moved to six different foster homes in his brief life. read more.

Watch the Black Family's video here


Meet the Cicarelli Family

Jim and Dorothea did not have children, but felt drawn to foster care adoption. The couple relied on the staff at Children Awaiting Parents for help and support as they navigated the system. During the process they saw a picture that caught their attention. Lacy was 12 years old and lived in Nevada. After completing their adoption requirements they went to visit the young lady...read more.


Meet the Buley-Neumar Family

John was first listed with CAP in 2007 when he was almost 17 years old. He was assigned to work with CAP’s Wendy’s Wonderful Kids Recruiter, Melanie Schmidt, because he was considered one of the “hardest to place” waiting children. John had been bouncing around to different foster and group homes since he was 7 years old, but he was adamant that he strongly desired to be loved and adopted by a forever family. John’s hopefulness that he would find a family touched Melanie deeply and she worked tirelessly to make this a reality for him.  When John started to get discouraged, Melanie told him to hang on a bit longer, his family was out there...read more


Meet the Matthews Family

The love and devotion of an adoptive family made it possible for two children with severe physical disabilities to accomplish surprising success and change the lives of their family forever. Adoptive parents, Marilyn and Charles Matthews have devoted their lives to helping their children with special needs accomplish more than doctors ever imagined possible. The Matthews, from Union, West Virginia, adopted Bo at 18 months in 1985, Sarah as an infant in 1988 and Brandon through the CAP photolisting at age 4 in 1995. Both Bo and Brandon had severe physical needs that required around-the-clock care. Their doctors told the Matthews that the boys would never be able to communicate or hold meaningful relationships. The couple took the time to unlock the children’s true potential when many others had given up on them..read more


Meet the Hux Family

Jeanne & Ron Hux never planned to have children. Jeanne is a licensed Social Worker specializing in the mental health field. Her passion is working with the special needs elderly; this is where she met Malcolm who changed their lives forever. Malcolm, 60 years old, spent 30 years in an institution. When his last foster care placement fell through, the Huxes knew that they wanted Malcolm to join their family...read more


Meet the Whitney Family

  In the field of adoption there are no Emmys, Grammys or Nobel prizes. What generates Oscar-like buzz in our small office are phone calls like the one we received last fall from Michael Whitney. Michael called to inquire about children he had seen on our website. When we asked him more about where he was in the adoption process, he shared that he had, in fact, used our services before...15 years ago.

Michael and his wife at the time were in their early twenties and ready to start a family. In their effort to have children they spent approximately $250,000 on surrogates, private and international adoption, and still had no children in their home. Then they found CAP, and in turn, found two little boys that they wished to adopt. About 50 days later, the boys moved in...read more


Meet the Johnston Family

Determined to adopt, Nancy Johnston wrote to the capitols of all 50 states in a search that lead her to the CAP Book photo listing and finally to her daughter, Amanda.

The Johnston family realistically approached the challenges of adopting a 13 year old and stuck by their daughter’s side, even through brain cancer... read more

Meet the Sullivan Family

Kathy Sullivan is the mother to five marvelous children, three of whom were adopted out of the foster care system. Kathy and her husband, Dan, first connected with her children's social worker through the CAP photolisting.

The drive to Chicago to meet our three older children for the first time took 15 hours-about as long as my first labor. Dan and I entered the Catholic Charities adoption party with our two sons, James (then 6) and Nick (3), with no idea what to expect...read more


Meet the Dinsel Family

Lorry and Lee Dinsel started their adoption adventure through the Pennsylvania state system when they fell in love with and adopted two beautiful daughters with special needs. But they were not done there, their youngest daughter Klarissa longed for a younger sister. Lorry started her search again. She came upon the Children Awaiting Parents (CAP) website and found then four-year-old Andrea. “She tugged at my heart...read more


Meet the Ely Family

I was in the same foster home for four years. Although I learned to love my foster grandmother, I didn't enjoy being in foster care. I didn't feel welcomed, nor like I was part of the family. At times, I felt like something was wrong with me for not having a family. People felt sorry for me. Most of all, I missed my mother's love... read more

Meet the Soule Family

Mark Soule was adopted into a diverse family as an infant-it's shaped his views of the world, and helped him succeed in helping corporations and people realize the benefits of a global, inclusive world.

I was adopted when I was two weeks old. My parents are my parents. Home is home. It is a place where you are loved even, or especially, when you make mistakes. I am the youngest of five children. We were all adopted and at a wide range of ages. We are also a mix of sexes and races... read more


The Kelley Family

Larry wanted at age 13: to go home from school, do homework, play sports and hang out with friends. "I grew up young," he starts, "I knew how to do things when I was 8, 9 years old that kids probably don't think about at those ages." When he was adopted, things changed... read more